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    Grundfos 4" Submersible Pumps (3-phase)

    Grundfos SP range can produce flows from 0.1-280 m3/h and have a maximum head of 670 m. The high-quality SP stainless-steel pumps are suitable for various applications such as irrigation of farmland and groundwater abstraction for tap water and for more specialised applications. The SP pump range is resists sand and other abrasive material and can operate in sever conditions where other pumps fail to do so. The Grundfos SP Submersible Pumps come in many pump sizes and each pump size is available with an optimum number of stages to match any duty point.

    • Superior reliability and efficiency
    • longer lifetime
    • Strong stainless-steel quality
    • perfect compatibility
    • a wide range of accessories


    • Sand resistance
    • 100% stainless steel inside and out
    • Resistant to aggressive water
    • High efficiency and easy maintenance
    • Dry running protection
    • Motor burn-out protection
    • Over temperature protection
    • Monitoring, protection and communication via the MP 204 protection unit and the R100 remote control
    • A wide range of accessories

    For further information on pump performance, view the SP data booklet below or for further guidance CALL US.