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    SQFlex Solar Powered Submersible Pump System

    The SQFlex system is a reliable water supply system based on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy. The SQFlex system incorporates an SQF submersible pump. Very flexible as to its energy supply and performance, the SQFlex system can be combined and adapted to any need according to the conditions on the installation site. The system components may include:

    • SQF submersible pump
    • CU 200 SQFlex control unit
    • IO 50 SQFlex switch box
    • IO 101 SQFlex switch box
    • IO 102 SQFlex breaker box
    • charge controller
    • energy supply: solar panels | wind turbine | generator | batteries.
    If you require further information on solar and wind powered water pumps, view the data booklet and brochure below or for further guidance CALL US.