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    DAB E.sybox

    The new DAB E.sybox is a variable speed booster pump, giving constant pressure despite varying demand in flow rate. E.sybox provides an integrated electronic system equipped with inverter technology.

    The E.sybox system is one-of-a-kind and is efficient, compact, easy to use and install. The optimum operation of the E.sybox is between 2.5 bar pressure, which can sustain a flow rate of 5.5 m3/h and 5.5 bar pressure which can sustain a flow rate of 2m3/h.

    For information on pump performance and technical data, view the DAB e.sybox technical data booklet below or call us for further guidance on a suitable pump for your requirements. 

    View Technical Data on DAB E.sybox

    View Technical Data on DAB E.sybox Mini

    DAB E.sybox On Sale
    £629.00 +VAT £1,048.00
    DAB E.sybox Mini On Sale
    £386.00 +VAT £552.00