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    Hydrogeology through to installation of pumping and filtration equipment to deliver a potable water supply solution.

    24 hour response time, great value and highly competitive rates on hydrogeological consultancy. Call 01769 575990 to speak to an expert. SCL Water Ltd offers a full range of hydrogeological services to clients wishing to establish their own private water supply or develop existing boreholes or wells.

    Hydrogeological Consultancy

    SCL Water Ltd offers the following hydrogeological services:
    • Hydrogeological reports
    • Water quality testing
    • Flow testing
    • Existing borehole/well investigation/camera inspection
    • Abstraction advice
    • Borehole design and construction
    • Advice on water discharge
       Development Processes of a Private Water Supply
      • Initial online investigation
      Our team at SCL Water will initially carry out an online investigation of the area through resources provided by the BGS. We will then advise on whether it is worth your while having a hydrogeological survey based on the bedrock conditions, past borehole log reports and groundwater conditions. If we think it would be advisable for a hydrogeological survey to be carried out on the area, we will get in touch with our hydrogeologist and provide support through out the whole process.
      • Investigate groundwater and surface water sources 
      A site investigation will be carried out by one of our hydrogeological consultants who will produce a borehole prognosis report (hydrogeological report), based on existing information available, hydrogeological and geological maps. We will also examine existing water wells and sources and provide advice on developing these as new/improved water supplies.
      • Investigate Water Supply

      SCL Water Ltd uses the results of a borehole test to recommend an optimal solution for your water needs.  We can assist in designing a suitable testing regime, supervise where necessary, recommend appropriate contractors and are experienced in project management.

      Flow testing   

      • Compliance with regulations and legislation
      We advise throughout the process on different statutory controls and legislation that affect your project.  We also provide opinion on third party activities that may impact existing and new water supplies.
      • Cost effective solutions that generate results
      A borehole will need to be properly located and designed to fulfil its potential relative to the proposed use and the surrounding geology. There is NO such thing as a ‘standard borehole’. SCL Water Ltd will advise on the most cost effective option for the client, bearing in mind that the long term savings need to balance the short term cost. N.B. Implementing an unsuitable installation may significantly reduce the productivity of the borehole and significantly shorten the lifetime of the borehole.
      • Licensing and the Environment Agency
      For water abstraction of more than 20 m3/day, an abstraction licence is needed. For an abstraction licence the typical consultees include the Environment Agency, local government, conservation groups and local residents. The Environment Agency does not charge for the initial application for a Section 32 Consent to drill and test pump but there is a fixed charge for an abstraction licence.  Further information can be obtained from the Environment Agency Permitting Support Centre.  SCL Water Ltd is happy to manage the licensing procedure and liaise with the Environment Agency on your behalf at an hourly rate.
      • How much will it cost?

      A borehole prognosis report costs between £200 and £500 plus VAT, depending on the complexity. The cost of drilling and installing a borehole will have to be agreed between you and the driller you choose to use. SCL Water Ltd are happy to liaise with your chosen driller. Most hydrogeological consultancy undertaken will be on a fixed day rate with additional expenses reclaimed from the client at cost price.


       We are happy to discuss your requirements with you- for expert advice call or email us.

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