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    Solar pumping system for a village community in Karonga, Malawi 

    The Challenge

    Provide an uninterrupted supply of water to a village community.

    The Solution

    A Grundfos SQFlex solar powered pumping system was installed to provide an uninterrupted supply of water to the community for use in irrigation and as drinking water. A Grundfos SQF 2.5-2 solar powered submersible pump was installed in to the borehole. This compact and light weight pump is extremely easy and simple to install. The pump is suspended down the borehole on blue nylon rope. The borehole is lined with blue pipe work which extends above the ground to avoid contaminants falling into the borehole. 


    The pump is powered by 6x 85 watt solar panels purchased in Malawi. Grundfos pumps are versatile and can be powered by any solar panels of the appropriate wattage and voltage. 

    Solar Pumps

    The Grundfos SQF 2.5-2, pumps the water to two 3000 L storage tanks stationed on erected structures which also house the CU200 control box. The water is then gravity fed from the tanks to distribution points.

    Solar pump solutions

    The solar panels are mounted on frames high up on the erected structure above the tanks. This position is beneficial because the solar panels are away from any sunlight obstructions and this position also reduces the threat of theft. 

    solar energy

    SCL Water has received feedback from a very happy customer. Quote from customer: 

    “I am pleased to inform you that the pump was installed and it is able to fill the tanks (3000 x2 Lts) within 5 hours. In this case with plenty of sunshine, it should be able to pump more than 10,000 litres of water per day.  Thank you so much.” 

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