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    It is estimated that pumps account for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption, which is mostly produced using fossil fuels, while 90% of pump motors could be more efficient.

    Most pumps installed are larger than necessary and are made to run continuously at their  top speed regardless of actual requirements; this therefore makes the pump system very inefficient.  

    2/3 of pumps world wide use up to 60% too much energy; by switching to energy efficient pumps, it is possible to save 60% energy

    Too much energy is wasted…….

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    Grundfos are committed to developing energy-efficient pumps, with lower life cycle cost. This benefits the customers by providing huge energy savings and benefits the environment because of great reductions of CO2. 

    If every inefficient pump were replaced with one that is energy optimised, there could be a global saving of 4% of the total electricity consumption, which is equivalent  the electricity consumption of 1 billion people. 

    Switching to energy-efficient pumps and systems presents tremendous opportunities for energy savings.

    Payback time is 1 to 5 years when switching to energy efficient pump systems.

    Blue Flux

    In reality, most pump motors only have to run at their maximum for 5% of the time, meaning that 95% of the time pumps are wasting energy; this covers all types of industry and pump applications, such as; commercial buildings, industrial applications, public buildings and water utilities. Therefore there is a major opportunity for energy savings by using more efficient pump technology. This technology is more intuitive, and allows for speed adjustment depending on how much energy is used. Grundfos provides this ‘variable speed’ pump technology.  When switched to these pumps, energy saving is immediate and payback time can be less than 2 years.

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