SCL Water is an experienced supplier of water pumps. Call 07813 047844 or WhatsApp. Products available for export and UK Sales (VAT not chargeable on exports outside the UK).
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    SCL Water are a friendly professional company. The work was completed promptly. I am extremely satisfied with the system and would highly recommend SCL to you. In November 2017 Wil from SCL Water installed a NeutraCalc system at my property. I have a private water system, and for years had struggled with lime scale deposits on the shower screens, around the sinks and baths, and furred up kettle and other appliances. The NeutraCalc system has completely changed the amount of cleaning and descaling that I have to do. In fact I have no limescale deposits anywhere. The unit sits comfortably in a cupboard in my utility room so is completely unobtrusive, there is no salt or other products to buy so it is economical to run just using minimal electricity. It will not squire servicing until November 2020.

    SCL UK Customer

    I am pleased to inform you that the pump was installed and it is able to fill the tanks (3000 x2 Lts) within 5 hours. Thank you so much. With plenty of sunshine, it should be able to pump more than 10,000 litres of water per day.

    Mr Bulambo, Malawi

    Very happy to recommend your company SCL Water. I live in France and our pump of 16 years packed up. Having rang around locally and checking on line we found your company. Courteous, helpful and professional on the telephone plus a competitive price. I explained it was urgent and you delivered pump very quickly. We are very satisfied customers.

    Mr and Mrs Mateu, Mimosa holidays, Pezenas, France

    Typically with water issues things are usually urgent and the solution never as easy as we would like. Having found your company on the internet, I rang you with what I thought could be a difficult thing to sort out. Your team was knowledgeable and took time to help me establish a cost effective solution to my issue over the phone. All the equipment arrived in very quick time and using the equipment, I fixed my water issue at the first attempt. Excellent products, great service, fast delivery and competitively priced.

    Mr M Allcock, Rossendale, Lancashire

    "SCL Water were able to arrange a next day delivery of a Grundfos borehole pump at a very difficult time when it was urgently needed. We found their service very professional and their staff courteous and helpful. As satisfied customers, we would be happy to recommend SCL Water in the future.”

    Mr. B. Sorrell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

    ‘The Friday morning our borehole pump broke down, I called SCL Water (who were recommended to us by a neighbour). My husband subsequently spoke to a member of staff who offered very helpful advice as to which pump specification best suited our requirements. It was dispatched that day and our water was up and running the following afternoon! We were delighted with the service we received from SCL Water and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future!‘

    Mrs J Hill, Mancetter, Warwickshire

    I live in the Highlands. The borehole system developed several faults which meant replacing the borehole pump, the control unit and the sensor. SCL gave me advice and quoted very competetive prices for all the parts which were delivered promptly to my remote location. Steve gave me invaluable help over the telephone and though there were several hundreds of miles between us, I was able to do the whole job myself and save quite a bit of money. Throughly recommended.

    Nas Latif

    If all British businesses were like yours GB would be back at number one across the board. You went an extra ten miles for us. Thank you.

    Paul Settatree

    My client has four bathrooms which are serviced by a Megaflo sealed system, they were experiencing poor performance when more than one bathroom was being used and also at peak times when the mains supply was in high demand.

    I called in a company that specialised in Megaflo systems to investigate. To be frank there recommendations of installing multiple accumulators was firstly very expensive and secondly, seemed to be based on storing huge volumes of water, totally reliant on the mains pressure, which we already knew was only half reasonable at non peak times. At this point I was really struggling to know what to do to resolve the issue. I considered Break tanks and a Stuart Turner Extra 3.6 BAR pressure set to provide a guaranteed pressure to the Megaflo, but of course with this option, if the pump fails the whole house is without water. I considered installing two sets of pumps, in case of pump failure, this option had two major flaws, maximum pressure with one outlet operating combined with reducing pressure as multiple outlets are calling for supply, coupled with switching pump operation, as pumps need to be used on a regular basis. At this point I was working for a different client who had moved to Vernham Dean near Andover, way out of my area. I called in to an independent plumbers merchant (Woodstock Plumbing & Heating) for some plasson fittings and mentioned the issue with the Megaflo. The response was almost unbelievable, the guy, sorry I didn’t catch his name said what you want is a DAB E.sybox, at first I thought he was having a laugh! But oh no he wasn’t and this is where SCL Water came in. I started to look into a DAB E.sybox on the internet and came across a couple of dealers, both helpful but one SCL Water truly outstanding! I spoke with Debby Appleby who was extremely helpful and believe me a real asset to SCL Water. I want Debby on my team, knowledgeable, really helpful coupled with a nothing is too much trouble attitude. At this point I was pretty confident that I had found what I was looking for, everything seemed to stack up, in fact it all seemed too good to be true. Debby gave me prices, availability and dimensions. I discussed the installation of DAB E.syboxes with my clients, who liked what they heard. I thought it would be wise to speak with a company I had previously spoken to before placing the order, surprisingly they were not very helpful, they raised an issue saying the DAB E.sybox was not compatible with the Megaflo due to the “internal air gap "in the cylinder, when questioned further they became even less helpful, in fact I was left feeling that that didn’t know what an E.sybox was and they were certainly not going quantify what the issue was. I emailed Debby, thanked her for all her help thus far and advised her that I had spoken with this company and they were indicating that there are issues using anything other than the mains water supply or accumulators. Once again Debby was extremely helpful and offered to take the matter up on my behalf, That’s what you call brilliant service!I also spoke with DAB pumps, who advised me to speak to Alberto, the technical guy from Italy, which i did, he also couldn’t understand the issue. Once again SCL Water came to the rescue, nothing was too much trouble, Debby contacted the regional manager emailed me and advised me that E.syboxes are regularly used with Megaflo systems with no problems and had Chris Jones (South West Area manager) contact me directly. I contacted Debby, placed the order and the products were delivered the next day with an e-mail notification giving a 1 hour timed slot for delivery. It just doesn’t get any better than that. I have to say dealing with SCL Water has been an amazing experience from start to finish and I would not hesitate to use SCL Water in the future. Many thanks for owning the problem, resolving the issues and having a nothing was too much trouble attitude! Having now completed the installation of the two Dab E.syboxes coupled with the docking station and four 50 gallon cold water storage tanks, the performance is truly amazing!

    Mr William Hawkshaw-Burn


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