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    Grundfos Pressure Manager

    The Grundfos PM 1 and PM 2 Pressure Managers are designed for automatic start/stop control of Grundfos pumps and other water supply pumps.

    The PM 1 and PM 2 have a user-friendly interface with LED indicators showing:

    power on
    pump running
    alarm indication
    pressure indication (PM 2)

    The PM 1 and PM 2 can be freely positioned in the installation- vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. This makes it easier to install the units in confined spaces and in extensive existing pipework. Due to robust electronics, the PM 1 and PM 2 can be powered by a generator or other alternative power supplies.

    Both pressure managers incorporate a number of functions which protect both the pump and the installation. Protective features:

    dry-running protection
    cycling alarm
    maximum continous operating time (30 minutes)(PM 2)

    The PM 2 has an auto-reset function which can be used to automatically restart the pump.