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    The Grundfos SPE is a speed-controlled submersible pump with a permanent magnet motor to increase efficiency and reduce running costs.

    Grundfos SPE

    The pump is suitable for a number of applications within groundwater pumping, for example the following:

    • water supply
    • irrigation
    • groundwater lowering

    An all-stainless steel construction in three different material grades ensures that the pump can be used for both clean water as well as corrosive water.

    The pump system consists of reliable hydraulics and an energy-efficient IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) type motor. The magnets are embedded in the rotor. The magnets in MS6000P are further protected as the rotor is hermetically sealed with a thin layer of metal. The motor design furthermore consists of the following:

    • canned stator design
    • mechanical shaft seals with Silicon Carbide seal faces
    • heavy-duty thrust bearings


    The motor needs a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), such as the Grundfos CUE, to control the speed according to need. The CUE includes a wizard to make the setup easy. The CUE has the following predefined control modes:

    • constant pressure
    • constant flow
    • constant level
    Grundfos CUE

    The CUE offers protection of the pump, including minimizing risk of water hammer and reducing stresses to the submersible motor during start by means of a soft starter function.

    We are happy to discuss your SPE requirements with you. For expert advice call or email us.

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    VIEW Grundfos SPE and Grundfos CUE Data Booklets