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    Grundfos SQE Constant Pressure Systems

    The Grundfos SQE, CMBE and Max-E Boost constant pressure systems offer constant pressure despite varying demands in water.

    Grundfos SQE Constant Pressure System

    Easy to install and operate, and virtually maintenance free, the SQE submersible borehole pump and the CU301 Unit is a complete Constant Water Pressure System. For information on the SQE constant pressure system, view the brochure at SQE Brochure.

    Grundfos CMBE Constant Pressure System

    The Grundfos CMBE Booster is a compact booster set for water supply in domestic applications. The integrated speed controller enables the CMBE Booster to keep constant pressure in the pipe system. The CMBE Booster is very easy to install. For information on the CMBE Booster constant pressure system, view the brochure at CMBE Brochure.

    Grundfos MAX-E Boost Constant Pressure System

    The Grundfos Max-E Boost has been designed as a compact and cost effective solution for pressure boosting in large domestic and commercial properties. The Grundfos Max-E Boost is a single pump packaged cold water booster set, which uses the latest variable speed E-pump motor technology, to maintain a constant discharge pressure up to a maximum setting of 4.5bar. The WRAS approved CRIE 5-8 stainless steel vertical multistage pump is factory commissioned to deliver a constant 3 bar pressure at flow rates up to 1.9 l/s. For more information on the Max-E Boost system, view the brochure at MAX-E Boost Brochure, or for further guidance CALL US.