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    Grundfos SB/SBA Submersible Pumps

    View SB & SBA Data Booklet

    The Grundfos SB/SBA pumps are submersible booster pumps for the pumping of clean water in domestic applications such as from rainwater tanks or private wells. The pump is available in two versions:

    • with integrated suction strainer (1mm mesh).
    • With side inlet which includes a flexible suction hose with a floating suction strainer (1mm mesh).

    For both versions, the pump is available with or without a float-switch. The float switch can be used for automatic operation or dry-running protection.


    • SB/SBA emits no noise when submerged
    • Built from corrosion resistant composite and stainless-steel materials
    • Integrated protection; the pump incorporates overload protection.
    • Floating suction strainer draws water from just below the surface where the water is clean and free from solid particles

    All models come with 15m of cable without plug

    Pump Model & Version

    * A- Integrated suction strainer with float switch
    * M- Integrated suction strainer without float switch
    * AW- Side inlet and floating strainer with float switch