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    Lowara GXS20, GMD20

    Product Features:

    • Constant speed twin pump booster sets
    • Controlled by pressure transducers or pressure switches
    • Certified for use with potable water
    • Delivery: up to 62 m³/h
    • Head: up to 160 m

    Extensive range of constant speed twin pump booster sets controlled by pressure switches or pressure transducers. The range has been designed for residential water supply where the need is varying over time.

    The range can be fitted with BG, CEA, e-HM, VM or e-SV series pumps.

    The GXS20 and GMD20 with e-HM, VM or e-SV series pumps are certified for use with drinking water according to WRAS, ACS and D.M. 174.

    Lowara GSX

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