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    Somaliland - Golis University renewable energy institute

    Golis water supply

    The Challenge

    Supply water to two farms using a solar powered system.

    Jama Muse Abubakr owns two farms in Sheik Somaliland. The farms are used to grow vegetables, corn and a variety of fruit trees. Animals such as goats, camels and chickens are kept on the farms. The farms water supply is from a shallow hand dug well that is lined with concrete and is located at the bottom of the stream bed. 

    Location of the water source

    More land was needed for production but this was limited by the amount of water that could be pumped from the well. The greatest constraint was the cost of fuel to run the diesel generators powering the pumps to lift water from the well and deliver it to the farms. With fuel costing around $600-$700 per year it was difficult to keep the farm profitable.

    The Solution

    Gollis University Engineering Department investigated the possibility of using a solar powered water pumping system. Jama Muse estimated that he was getting 10m3/hr from his system and he wanted a solar pumping system to match this flow rate and possibly exceed it. It was envisaged that the new system would use a high capacity pump to transport water to the two farms. The pump would be installed in a shallow well about 2 meters deep. the water would then be delivered through a 2.5km pipeline to a small open reservoir beside the cultivated land. We received a call from our customer Mr Ivan Jackson who explained the project to us and the outcome they were looking for. We recommend they install two Grundfos CRI Flex pumps with Grundfos control boxes and dry run protection sensors. The CRI Flex range of solar surface mounted pumps is an ideal solution in this solution. A local company were to supply the solar panels and other equipment.  

    Pipe leading to water source            

    In March 2015, Golis University engineers tested and prepared the new pumps for installation at Jama Muse's farm. Installation of the new pipework and upgrade of the photovoltaic panels was completed in April 2015.

    Water pumps Golis

    The team encountered some further technical problems. The existing pump house is located approximately 20 meters above the floor of the dry riverbed. We recommended to Ivan Jackson that the pumps be relocated closer to the edge of the wadi and at a lower elevation of 2.5 meters above the well. April and May is usually the time of the first rain in Somaliland. Even though these have failed in recent years, this year the skies were grey and heavy rain fell each day during the installations. Even with rain falling, there was sufficient solar gain to enable testing of the system.

    Lettuce, peppers and onions are just a few of the crops that are grown on the farms. 

    Crops growing at site

    Since the installation was completed the customer has said the system is exceeding his expectations and he is very happy with the outcome. SCL is delighted to have had the opportunity to assist - the Grundfos CRI Flex solar surface pumps have proved an excellent choice where water has to be pumped over a long distance using solar power.  

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