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    Grundfos Alldos hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps DMH 25x and DMH 28x series.

    Hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps

    Both series are extremely robust, high-performance dosing pumps for process engineering applications. The pumps have a long lifetime due to piston diaphragm technology. The DMH 28x has been designed especially for high pressure applications.


    • High dosing accuracy and exact reproducibility. Dosing flow constancy and linearity deviation are below 2% (DMH 28x is below 1%).
    • High functional safety:- due to a serially integrated diaphragm protection system, integrated pressure relief valve and degassing valve of the hydraulic system (DMH 28x).
    • Universal fields of application for pump series due to a full PTFE dosing diaphragm. 
    • Available in various options for manifold application requirements, such as ATEX, API, VIK, etc. 

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