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    The Grundfos SQFlex solar powered submersible pump range offers an alternative solution for powering submersible water pumps using renewable energy.

    The Grundfos SQF 2.5-2 3" solar powered borehole pump with helical rotor is ideal for high head low flow applications. 


    Click here to view Grundfos SQF 2.5-2 solar powered pump product page on our shop site

    The SQFlex system is based on renewable solar energy and combines state-of-the-art technology with sustainable, energy efficient solutions to provide a reliable water supply to remote locations with little or no access to electricity.


    The Grundfos SQF 2.5-2 has in-built protection features which protect the pump and well, these features include:

    • Protection against dry run: turns the pump off when it detects a low water level. 
    • Stainless steel pump casing for long pump life
    • Automatic restart when water returns to the well or when the motor temperature returns to a safety range.
    • Continuous load condition and voltage monitoring.
    • Sand slinger; to ensure protection of motor and thus extended motor life.
    • System efficiency: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) means even and high efficiency regardless of power source.


    The Grundfos SQF 2.5-2 high quality solar powered pump and SQFlex system: offers cost effective pumping and a reliable water supply. Once installed, the system requires virtually no maintenance and is ideal for remote locations, where grid electricity is absent or unreliable, or when renewable energy is the preferred  source of electricity. Click link below to view SQ Flex data sheet.

    SQ Flex Data Booklet May Jan 2021

     SQ Flex range

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