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    Pumps are all around us and are essential in every kind of building and installation.They are required whenever a liquid needs to be moved from A to B. 



    Pumps are hidden heroes of our world today, and are important in various processes from supplying the water we drink to pumping away wastewater for treatment. Large amounts of electrical energy are required to keep the pumps running.  Pump systems are found in all sorts of applications from industrial to domestic applications, and essential in every kind of building and installation including hotels, hospitals, industrial,  utility, commercial, public or private.

    Out of sight but hard at work keeping society running, 2/3 of pumps use up to 60% too much energy; huge savings can be made if the pumps keeping society going are switched to energy efficient pumps.

    water pumps

    Domestic Households: Domestic households are dependent on a reliable water supply; pumps are responsible for ensuring the movement and flow of water through pipes to taps and showers; circulating hot water; pressure boosting and water transfer;  waste-water removal and pumping water from private sources such as boreholes, wells or tanks.

    Water Supply/Utility: pumps provide a safe and reliable water supply for every day use in private and public buildings and businesses. Water is pumped from sources such as groundwater, reservoirs/lakes, rivers, the ocean or recycled water reservoirs.

    Industry Buildings: Pumps are essential in the industrial sector; in the production line, heating and cooling process, transportation of liquids and products, process cleaning (SIP and CIP), water supply and wastewater removal.

    Hotels: Pumps are required to supply hot and cold water at a constant water pressure despite varying demands in flow rate; providing exceptional comfort to guests.

    Office Buildings: Pumps are important in maintaining the right temperature and providing the optimum office environment in all seasons; pump applications include ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

    Hospitals: Pumps ensure the water supply in hospitals is constant and maintains pressure throughout the whole building. Medical staff rely on the buildings' pumps, 24 hours a day.

    Wastewater: pumps are a essential in the wastewater industry; they transport waste away from domestic and public buildings, industries and businesses. Pumps are also installed in pumping stations throughout the  whole wastewater system. The pumps transport the wastewater to treatment plants where , after being treated, the water is safely discharged or re-used.