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    Demand more energy efficiency and sustainability with Grundfos' submersible pump range for rainwater harvesting. 

    Rainwater harvesting

    Rainwater harvesting involves the collection of rainwater from surfaces such as roofs and paved surfaces, the stored water can then be used in various applications such as;

    • Garden irrigation
    • toilet flushing
    • car washing
    • washing machine

    and many more.


    Grundfos and SCL Water can offer rain water harvesting solutions for a range of properties, from submersible pressure-boosting pumps to complete pressure boosting management systems. A unique and effective rainwater harvesting system provides effective and sustainable solutions to water supply by;

    • Reduce pressure on the sewer systems at peak loads.
    • Save up to 50% of drinking water, by directing rainwater to process and applications which do not require drinking water quality (grey water).
    • Prolong the life of appliances by reducing the build up of lime scale
    • Grundfos pumping technology ensures the best quality

    SCL Water Products for Rainwater Harvesting

    Grundfos SB submersible pumps - Grundfos SBA 5" submersible pumps - DAB Divertron 6" well and tank pumps - Grundfos SPO 5" submersible pumps

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