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    SCL Water recommends that a water sample is taken from your supply and analysed under laboratory conditions. Analysis of the water sample will determine the water quality and level of bacteriological and/or chemical contamination.

    We can use the analysis to establish the water filtration system necessary to treat the water so that it meets the World Health Organisation Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (GDWQ).

    Even if the water does not have bacteriological contamination when it is tested, it is best practice to install an Ultra Violet (UV) system preceded by a sediment filter. This sediment filter ensures any small particles are removed enabling the UV system to work effectively.

    Sizing any filtration system will depend on the volume of water being used together with the level of contamination. We can supply a range of products to treat small domestic supplies up to large industrial systems. There are many different filtration techniques and medias which can be supplied.

    The most suitable will depend on the composition of the water not just the contaminants. We therefore recommend testing for a wide range of parameters and a sample analysis can be viewed on request. If you would like to request more information on the below please contact us.

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