SCL Water is an experienced supplier of water pumps. Call 07813 047844 or WhatsApp. Products available for export and UK Sales (VAT not chargeable on exports outside the UK).
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    SCL Water specialises in the supply of quality submersible and surface water pumps from leading manufacturers, such as Grundfos. 

    We are happy to offer advice and guidance on appropriate models to suit specific requirements. For an instance response please call us on 01769 575990.

    There are a large range of pump types and models available for use in water supplies, SCL Water will provide expert advice on the pump type to suit your needs.

    In summary, pumps are either:

    The type of pump depends on the depth of the water, flow rate and pressure required. Differences in these variables will affect the model and the size. We can specify a suitable pump based on your requirements. SCL Water specialises in the supply of 3 ", 4", 6" and larger pumps powered by single or 3-phase electricity.

    The Grundfos 3" SQ/SQE  range is a good example of a flexible, high quality solution for domestic or light commercial use.

    Well pumps

    A large number of older properties have wells constructed many years ago. Some wells are being rediscovered as houses are extended and a small submersible pump can be used to lift the water for use in the garden or even, after treatment, as the property supply.

    The DAB Divertron is an excellent example of a well pump as are the Grundfos SB/SBA's and DAB Pulsar's. 

    Drainage pumps

    These pumps tend to be submersible and specifically allow for the passage of some solids. The degree of contaminant that can be pumped varies with the pump type but good examples can be found by clicking on the following link.

    Constant pressure systems

    The Grundfos SQE constant pressure systems are based on technology which senses water pressure and flow and adjusts the pump speed to maintain a constant supply at a pre-set pressure. The constant pressure system consists of a SQE variable speed pump, CU301 control unit, pressure sensor and pressure tank. A good example of the benefit of these systems is with domestic showers. When installed for a domestic property these systems ensure shower flow and pressure is unaffected by a tap being opened somewhere else in the house. 

    Surface Pumps

    Booster systems are surface mounted systems and are designed to increase flow and pressure to preset levels without the need for large expansion vessels. Systems are typically installed where high pressure is required such as water supply for agricultural irrigation or for boosting mains water pressure from a storage tank.

    We are happy to discuss your requirements with you- for expert advice call or email us.

    Tel: +44 (0) 1769 575990

    Mobile: +44 (0) 7813 047844