SCL Water is an experienced supplier of water pumps. Call 07813 047844 or WhatsApp. Products available for export and UK Sales (VAT not chargeable on exports outside the UK).
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    SCL Water specialises in the supply of quality water pumps from leading manufacturers and we are an approved distributor of Grundfos, DAB, Lowara and Mono pumps . 

    Our expertise in the industry means our customers receive the highest level of support and guidance, before, during and after sale. For an instant response call us 01769 575 990. 


    Pump manufacturers

    As well as supplying pumping equipment and accessories, SCL Water undertake hydrogeology and geological consultancy including Abstraction Licence and Consent to Discharge applications. We also supply water filtration systems which meet Drinking Water standards; treatments include removal of bacteriological contamination with ultra-violet steralisation and the removal of chemical contaminants including iron and manganese with chemical medias. We only use proven and recognised solutions such as Activated Carbon, Crystal Right, Juraperle and Aquamandix.

     We are happy to discuss your requirements with you- for expert advice call or email us.

    Tel: +44 (0) 1769 575990

    Mobile: +44 (0) 7813 047844