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    The new DAB E.sybox variable speed booster pump; gives constant pressure despite varying demands in flow rates. SCL Water Ltd are a fully approved DAB E.syline partner and UK stockist of the DAB E.sybox.

    SCL Water supply the new DAB E.sybox variable speed booster pump at a discounted price.


    The DAB E.syboxprovides an integrated electronic system equipped with inverter technology. The E.sybox system is one-of-a-kind and is efficient, compact, easy to use and install. The optimum operation of the E.sybox is between 2.5 bar pressure, which can sustain a flow rate of 5.5 m3/h and 5.5 bar pressure which can sustain a flow rate of 2m3/h. Added benefits of the E.sybox include; versatile and compact design, sound proof casing, ease of instillation and operation, and multistage self-priming capability down to 8 m. The system has been developed to give maximum performance with minimum effort bringing innovation to the service of simplicity but not compromising on comfort

    DAB E.sybox Performance Curve

    E.sybox Accessories

     DAB E.sywallThe e.sywall is a fitting kit designed to mount the e.sybox pump directly to a wall.
    Dab Wall Bracket
    DAB E.sydockThe e.sydock provides a robust docking station with integrated in & out pipework connections. The e.sybox pump can be docked and undocked easily in just a few seconds.
    Dab E.sydock
    DAB E.sytwin: The e.sytwin comprises of a full twin pump robust docking station with integrated in & out pipework connections. Mounted securely on a base plate platform, e.sytwin offers a twin pump booster set with duty pump assist or duty pump standby capability. Designed ideally for larger residential properties or light commercial requirements. Similar to the e.sydock above the e.sytwin pumps can be docked and undocked easily in just a few seconds.
    DAB e.sybox twin 
    DAB E.sytankThe e.sytank provides a modular water storage tank and pump system. Fully packaged solution with integrated e.sydock station. The e.sytank modular design lets you increase your water storage capacity or create a twin pump duty assist or duty pump standby system. The e.sytank unit incorporats in & out pipework connections. Designed ideally for larger residential properties or light commercial requirements.
    DAB E-sytank

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