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    Grundfos offer a wide range of dosing pumps; digital diaphragm dosing pumps and SMART Digital dosing pumps, Mechanical and Hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps. 

    Smart dosing pumps

    Grundfos Alldos dosing pumps incorporate state of the art technology and provide solutions for various applications where dosing is required. For enquiries and quotes please call +44(0) 1769 575990.

    Grundfos' product range for dosing and disinfection covers every applications from disinfection of drinking water to water treatment in highly sensitive industrial processes. 

    Grundfos Digital & SMART Digital dosing pumps (DDA, DDC and DDE) provide accurate, smooth and continuous dosing of chemicals for water purification. Precise dosing ensures process water does not contain residual, or unwanted chemicals and flavors that may affect the quality of the finished product.

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    The Grundfos DME and DDI digital  dosing pumps are used in various processes and cover a large-scale performance range. With the use of digital dosing pumps,  precise settings can be achieved with no pulsation and no over dosing. These  pumps have a turn-down of up to 1:1000 and are accurate down to the smallest dose between 0.0025 – 940 l/h. Grundfos Chlorine dioxide, Oxiperm and Oxiperm pro, are suitable for the disinfection of water; chlorine dioxide is an effective and long lasting disinfectant treatment and effectively removes the formation of  biofilms from pipes and equipment, thus removing harmful bacteria and ensuring high quality of the finished product.


    • Water Supply
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Washing and cleaning -
    • CIP and SIP 
    • Cooling 
    • Heating 
    • Process water treatment 
    • Firefighting

    Grundfos Alldos Mechanical and Hyraulically Actuated Piston Diaphragm Pumps


    The all-round diaphragm technology ensue precision whilst being robust.

    • DMX pumps are equipped with an AC motor and are available with functional control electronics or with a second dosing head. 80 ml- 4000 l/hr. (Atex available)
    • DMH pumps are extra robust and are equipped with a resistant full PTFE diaphragm and diaphragm protection system, AMS. This pump range is well suited to demanding tasks and for integration in automated processes. 100 ml- 3000 l/hr. (Atex available). 
    Areas of Application Chemical treatment and conditioning of water
    • Disinfection
    • Coagulation, flocculation, precipitation
    • Mining
    • Power plants
    • Oil and gas
    • Filling and batch dosing
    • High liquid temperatures

    We are happy to discuss your requirements with you- for expert advice call or email us.  

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